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Main » 2010 » August » 15 » APB Patch 1.4.1 is on the Way!
5:51 PM
APB Patch 1.4.1 is on the Way!
Realtime Worlds is pleased to announce that the PTW (Public Test Wolrd) will be back online from Tuseday 17th 2010!

The PTW is where they get yiz, the players, to try out the latest changes and give them feedback before the patch goes live. With the return of the PTW they decided that you should try out the latest and greatest patch, 1.4.1! This isn't just another set of bug fixes; this is the beginning of some of the most fundamental changes to date. These are the APB features you've been waiting for!

So without further ado, enjoy a sneak peak of what to expect when they open the doors to the PTW next week!

Combat and Gameplay has been updated!
Gameplay has been improved to produce a smooth, immersive, and skill-based combat.
  • Vehicle handling has been improved.
  • All weapons have been rebalanced and now include recoil.
  • All weapons fire out to 100 meters.
  • All weapon audio has been updated.
  • Audio in marksmanship has been altered subtly.
  • Crouch is now client-side predicted.
  • Accuracy modifier on sprinting.
  • Accuracy now regains over time rather than instantly.
  • Weapons can be switched during the re-fire timer.
  • Default mouse sensitivity is lower.
  • Time for open world vehicle break-ins has been lowered from 10 to 3 seconds.
  • Arrest and Rescue times have been lowered.
  • Vehicle husks now block weapons fire.
  • Field of view is now weapon specific.
  • Hit VFX should now align with the direction of the weapons fire correctly.
  • Upon purchasing a new weapon players are offered the option to auto-equip that item.
Accepting missions and backup has now been replaced with a Ready/Not Ready setting which anyone who plays online games will be fairly familiar with.  Each individual group member can toggle their status to 'Ready' and when all players in the group are 'Ready', the group as a whole is considered eligible for a match.  The matchmaking system will then select a suitable mission/dispatch and automatically put the group on that mission.  At the end of the mission, all players return automatically to 'Not Ready' to allow time to re-supply, re-spawn cars etc. The group can then set themselves back to 'Ready' for their next mission, allowing the group to set its own pace.
  • Players can no longer deliver open -world items during missions.
  • Players who are low threat and playing solo will receive no dispatches against them and will instead join the group who are being dispatched against opposition.  The exception being that solo players can still be dispatched against when a bounty is placed on them.
  • Bounty Missions are only generated as a result of witnessing by Enforcers
  • Criminal vs. Criminal Matches have been disabled
  • The /Help command has been added. This will now display the full list of slash commands available to players.
  • A new set of dynamic tooltips have been added to the loading screens in order to remind new and old players alike of some of APB's more subtle features.
Mirroring Garage Decals
Players are now able to mirror decals on both sides of a vehicle.

Advanced Graphics Options
An advanced graphics menu has been added to the video settings page of the options menu. This sub-menu features the following graphical options:
  • Dynamic Shadows
  • Environment Shadows
  • Ambient Occlusion
  • High-Quality Bloom
  • Distortion Value
  • Anisotropy
  • Anti Aliasing
VOIP Improvements
We have made further improvements to the in-game VOIP system in order to address some of the issues players have been experiencing during play. These include:
  • An issue where players lost VoIP when district switching has now been resolved.
  • PTT functionality has been improved.
  • Various VOIP related crashes have been resolved.
  • The accuracy of the VoIP status indicators has been improved.
  • Player- controlled microphone sensitivity options have been added.
Improved HUD Messaging
We are reworking the way in which PvP kills are conveyed to the player. This will supply players with valuable information as to what weapons both opposing and friendly players are using, without the need to manually enter the scoreboard.

New Content

We have introduced some fun new content for players to use in the form of clothing items, clothing presets, vehicle kits, vehicle presets, symbols, instrument packs and new songs. These additions comprise of the following:
  • Trilby hat
  • Cowboy hat
  • Beret hat
  • 8 New preset outfits (one outfit per gender, per organization)
  • Pet Vet Shop symbol set
  • Zen Pack symbol set
  • Funky Beasts symbol set
  • 4 New vehicle body modding kits
  • 4 New vehicle presets (one preset per organization)
  • 4 New original songs created with the new instrument packs
  • New original song composed and produced by the UK music producer ‘Nocturnal
  • Nocturnal Instrument Pack: Bees Synth, DrumKit, Drum/Lead, Orchestra, OrchestraHit (OrchHit), Rise Synth, Bass, Sub Bass, Synth Arp(Arpergiator), StacString (Staccato String)
  • Wilson LeBoyce Instrument Pack: Guitar, Drum Kit, Organ, Bass, Clavinet
  • Simon Tran Instrument Pack: Bass, DrumKit, Harp, Lead synth, Strings, Synth
  • Double B InstrumentPack: DrumKit, Guitar, SFX, Synth_Bass, Synth_Lead
  • Britney BloodRose InstrumentPack: DrumKit, Bass, Guitar, Strings
To chat all about 1.4.1, you can now visit our new PTW Forums and leave us your feedback! Keep an eye on the forums next week as we'll be announcing all the important details such as; where to download the PTW client and how to use your existing characters!

Source: eu.apb.com/en
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