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Main » 2010 » August » 10 » APB 1.3.1 (50) Patch Notes
1:30 PM
APB 1.3.1 (50) Patch Notes
Today released Realtime Worlds a new patch for APB, the version 1.3.1 (50).
That patch includes the following Patch Notes:

  • An issue has been resolved where players with AMD Phenom processors were getting disconnected after joining a district.
  • A number of server crashes have been fixed.
  • A number of client crashes have been fixed.
  • Players and Clans will now receive the correct reward packages for monthly leagues.
  • The mission 'Breadcrumbs' now has a time limit.
  • The mission 'Looking for Vincent' now has a time limit.
  • Criminal v Criminal matchmaking has been turned off.
  • System-generated bounties have been turned off.
  • N-Tec: Base accuracy has been reduced slightly.
  • N-Tec: Movement penalty has been reduced slightly to compensate for base accuracy change.
  • N-Tec: Number of shots before accuracy degradation is applied has been lowered (becomes less accurate faster).
  • N-Tec: Maximum level of inaccuracy the weapon can reach has been slightly increased.
  • N-Tec: Benefit gained via Marksmanship mode has been slightly reduced.
  • OCA-EW: Minimum damage percentage at max range has been increased slightly.
  • OCA-EW: Base accuracy has been reduced slightly.
  • OCA-EW: Max Range has been reduced by 5m & Effective range reduced by a further 2m.
  • OCA-EW: Number of shots before accuracy degradation is applied has been lowered (becomes less accurate faster).
  • OCA-EW: Magazine capacity of the weapon has been reduced from 34 to 28 rounds.
  • The NL-9 has been reworked to behave similar to the JG-840 shotgun.
  • Items no longer take an excessive amount of time to load when previewing them on the Marketplace.
  • The in-game browser can now correctly display 'reCAPTCHA' elements on web pages.
  • The Marketplace now automatically generates auctions for display tokens.

Source: eu.apb.com/en
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